Article No. 009

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Article no.009 is a testament to the artistry of gin making, deftly striking a harmonious balance between time-honoured traditions and innovative botanical selections. At its core, it boasts a robust juniper prominence, meticulously weaving together a rich tapestry of flavours that pay homage to both classical elegance and modern sophistication. Meticulously crafted through the single shot method in small, carefully curated batches and distilled in the venerable London Dry Gin tradition. Additionally, it proudly caters to a diverse array of dietary preferences, being both gluten-free and sugar-free, while remaining completely vegan-friendly.

  • Tasting Notes

    Article no.009 showcases a brilliant, crystal-clear appearance.


    On the nose, the juniper commands attention, releasing its clean piney and resinous aroma that forms the foundation of this gin. Lemon peel contributes a burst of citrus vitality, infusing the air with its bright and uplifting character. Delicate notes of coriander seed follow suit, offering a warm and subtle spiciness that complements the juniper’s intensity. Thyme’s herbal fragrance dances alongside peppery undertones, creating an inviting bouquet that promises complexity.


    Article no.009 ‘s palate unfolds harmoniously, led by the juniper’s timeless presence. Intertwined with this familiar essence, cascara berries introduce a delicate sweetness reminiscent of dried fruits, seamlessly mingling with the juniper’s evergreen profile. Coriander seed brings a gentle spice that meshes with the pepper berries, delivering a controlled and pleasing warmth that awakens the palate. In the backdrop, Wattle seed lends a roasted richness, enriching the gin’s multifaceted character.


    The finish is both satisfying and lingering, with thyme and a subtle trace of liquorice root leaving their mark. This lingering conclusion captures the essence of Article no.009 ‘s thoughtful botanical selection.

  • Botanicals
    • Juniper
    • Natural Cascara Berry
    • Lemon Peel
    • Wattle Seed
    • Liquorice Root
    • Coriander Seed
    • Tasmanian Pepperberry
    • Thyme
    Cascara: The Coffee Fruit’s Hidden Gem

    Cascara, derived from the vibrant fruit and skin that encases the coffee bean, has gained prominence in the coffee world. After meticulous drying and organic cleaning, two notable varieties, Cherry Cascara and the exclusive Natural Cascara from Mountain Top NSW, have captured coffee enthusiasts’ attention. Both types not only offer fruity flavours but also boast high antioxidant levels, making them an enticing addition to the beverage landscape. Natural Cascara, a delight for discerning palates, involves naturally drying the fruit around the seed, resulting in a sweeter and fuller-bodied mouthfeel with profound fruity notes. This unique method preserves the fruit during drying, delivering an exceptional coffee experience that showcases the diversity in coffee flavours.

    Tasmanian Pepper Berry: Beyond Ordinary Pepper

    Tasmanian Pepper Berry, hailing from Tasmania, has emerged as an extraordinary spice in the culinary world, surpassing conventional pepper in flavour and allure. With a distinctively fruity taste and a fragrant blend of eucalyptus, menthol, and various fruits, Tasmanian Pepper Berry offers a tantalizing aroma. Its defining feature is a delayed yet intense peppery heat, providing an unparalleled sensory experience for adventurous palates. Our commitment to quality is evident in our meticulous handpicking of Tasmanian Pepper Berries through wild harvest, ensuring an authentic and untamed essence that unlocks the spice’s true potential.

    Wattle Seed: An Ancient Culinary Tradition

    Wattle Seed, derived from the seeds of 120 Australian Acacia species, holds a rich cultural heritage. Traditionally cherished by Aboriginal Australians, these seeds were used in various culinary forms. Our Wattle Seed (Acacia Cowleyan) is harvested directly from local tribes and delivered in its whole, unadulterated form. To enhance its flavours, we delicately toast the Wattle Seed, bringing out its delectable chocolatey notes and offering a captivating taste experience that honours the ancient wisdom of the land.

    In conclusion, Cascara, Tasmanian Pepper Berry, and Wattle Seed each embody nature’s bounty, offering distinct flavours that captivate the taste buds. From the antioxidant-rich Cascara to the peppery allure of Tasmanian Pepper Berry and the ancient culinary traditions preserved in Wattle Seed, these ingredients open up a world of gastronomic possibilities. Embrace the allure of these remarkable flavours, transcending the ordinary and embarking on a culinary journey that connects us to nature’s abundant offerings.

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